7 Nature Photos

I have been nominated by Amshu CR in Facebook to do the 7 Day Nature Photo Challenge which is currently trending. Each day I’m supposed to post a picture of nature old or new, but I’m going to go all guns blazing and post all 7 in one single post.

Theme ‘nature’ is too wide and I was wondering where to start. I took a glace at her photos for ideas and found that she has mainly gone with Dragonflies, Butterflies and Buffalo-eating-grass (good one that) images so I’m taking the hint and go the same route.

15467024423_d2c7a42884_o (1)

 Indian Wild Ass in LRK, Gujarat


Three butterflies sitting on an artificial flower in Bannerghatta Butterfly Park in Bangalore


Butterflies again. Mating in Bannerghatta Butterfly Park in Bangalore


Sea snake – Palolem beach in Goa


Spotted Deer in Bandipur National Park


A small spider moving away from its prey


A Praying Mantis modelling for my photoshoot theme ‘Education from the Grass-root Level’. Perhaps this doesn’t qualify to be here, but I like this one.

About Joshi Mukard (100 Articles)
The author is a wandering soul with no place to call 'home-town'. He was born in Kerala, brought up in several parts of Tamil Nadu, and currently living in Bangalore, shifting his base across the city on a yearly basis with fellow (unfortunate) wanderers, his wife (Libena) and little daughter (Tanaya). Despite all these, the author is a happy soul with no complaints on anything. He wakes up in the morning and sleeps at night and in-between he ducks, stumbles and dances through this world.

4 Comments on 7 Nature Photos

  1. Classical Photography!!
    Very good click Joshi

  2. good click …

  3. Joshi Mukard // March 30, 2016 at 10:28 am // Reply

    Thank you 🙂

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