First Love – a love story!!

There’s a saying, “first love and first kiss will always stay fresh in your memory”. My first kiss came at the age of 21 with my fourth love, whom I happened to marry, so my wife’s the only girl I ever kissed. I do remember when and where it happened.

My first love is also still fresh in my memory. I was in 12th standard and she was in 10th. I was friends with a few of the boys from her class, so I used to visit their class during lunch intervals and got to see her. One of the boys there was in love with her and I was assisting him with suggestions and advice on how to win her heart. But eventually I fell in love with her and started to work behind the back of the other guy. She co-operated with her eyes and occasional smile.

She was just like any other small-town Tamil Brahmin girl. She was fair and of medium build. Her hair was neatly parted in the center and arranged in two braids and occasionally adorned with flowers. Her forehead always bore the sign of a traditional Hindu girl with a thin line of sandal paste carefully smeared between her eyebrows.  Her eyes were plain and calm but became alive and full whenever I happened to stare into them. Overall, she looked like a serene beauty in her green and white half-saree uniform. I couldn’t recollect seeing her in any other dress than the uniform.

Our school was one of the oldest in the district so we had stone buildings and large verandahs. Our verandahs bustled with noise and excitement at the end of every session-break and in the leisure hours. Students moved to and fro in large gangs howling and whistling on their way. Amidst all these, whenever she passed my classroom, she never forgot to take a quick glance at me and sometimes a half smile broke on her lips which she struggled to conceal.

Time flew past and soon we came to the end of the school year. On the last exam day, I wrote a long love letter and gave it to one of her friends and asked her to hand it over to my girl. That proved to be a huge mistake. The girl did give the letter to her, but also informed the ‘Other Guy’ about my antics. The ‘Other Guy’ was enraged. He went straight to the girl and demanded an answer. I later came to know that she told him that she only liked me. But the twist was that the ‘Other Guy’ was also her family relative and he threatened her that the affair will be told to her father. She cried and told him she will give back the letter to me. But the guy grabbed the letter from her, photocopied it and circulated amongst his classmates. Sensing that the situation had gone out of my hands, the next wise step was to say “escape”. I did just that.

I left the place instantly and rushed to the bus stand. Later I was told that a group of thugs, the ‘Other Guys’ friends were searching for me after I left. When I was waiting for the bus, the girl also made her way to the bus stop and seeing me she quickly signaled that she wanted to talk. We rushed into the first bus we got, but a large crowd of people also got into the bus and I was pushed towards the back and she went further in front. The very last chance to talk to her thus got squashed. When she got down in her stop, her eyes searched for me in the crowd. When her eyes finally found mine, it was already filled with tears.

I do not know what she wanted to tell me. In our hometown and especially in schools a boy talking to a girl other than his classmates is like a major crime. So I never got to talk to her. Not a word ever was spoken between us. Only our eyes spoke.

It still pains a lot when I remember the final scene. With tears rolling down her cheeks, she bid farewell as the bus started moving away from her stop. I never saw her again.

About Joshi Mukard (100 Articles)
The author is a wandering soul with no place to call 'home-town'. He was born in Kerala, brought up in several parts of Tamil Nadu, and currently living in Bangalore, shifting his base across the city on a yearly basis with fellow (unfortunate) wanderers, his wife (Libena) and little daughter (Tanaya). Despite all these, the author is a happy soul with no complaints on anything. He wakes up in the morning and sleeps at night and in-between he ducks, stumbles and dances through this world.

28 Comments on First Love – a love story!!

  1. Painfull story….,

    • Man, this story is just a beginning. I have couple more stories to tell. Most of them painful, but one happy ending (my wife) and that’s where the happiness finally ends!! hahahahahah…

  2. Hmm.. Most stories end like this.
    I think the 80s/90s stories ends in shying away and those little things you don’t communicate and that’s what makes it special.

    Liked the story esp. the end. I like people who are shy and speak through silence.

    Liked the way the story flows but would be even better if you mentioned the intricate details like how did the girl look or about your looks then.

    They say the best stories are the ones which leaves the reader with a imagery and also gifts them a memory which they relate too.

    This is good but add more details to make it better.

    Good job on this!

  3. Melbin Mathew // July 16, 2012 at 9:12 am // Reply

    Good one..Pavam your wife..:-)

  4. One for the scriptwriters of our movies!!

  5. Good one!!! Started lightly and ended heavily… Btw your wife must be feeling happy for that girl, right??? 🙂

  6. Nice one. Especially like the part when one describes the appearance of his/her love. Isn’t it great to delve into those memories!

    • Thanks. Actually in the first version of this post, I didn’t have the descriptions of her appearance. I added it only after a few friend suggested me to do that. Glad I did.

  7. Not funny at all. Left a lump in my throat.

    Too bad you didn’t beat the “other guy” to pulp, just like in the movies.

    • I was very thin then, just 40 Kg!! and people used to call me ‘smokey’ because they think I dont walk, but drift through the air. With that kind of a ‘body’ I would have easily ended up a ‘pulp’ instead of him!!

  8. shekh rabbani // March 16, 2013 at 3:08 am // Reply

    First love is a important part of love.

  9. you and that girl were put up in that same place no? why u dint saw her again? means never since then?

  10. i just read dis lovestory.,…….

    itz #awsum frends….#mustdread…,

    im surr u awil luv it

    feel ur childhood #crush again..,

  11. love ur writing……

    itz awesome sir….at d end i feel something pain in my heart as if it was my story……

    i also write story…if u want to read it click below links….

  12. Aww… so sad.. the silliness of youth which could not overcome a distance.. good one.

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