Have I gone mad lately?

Yesterday evening, When I told my wife that the sky looked beautiful, she quipped, “Have you not seen the sky before”?, and she went on to complain that after buying a camera I have been spending most of my time at home gazing at the sky. She said, “I think you will soon go mad”. I told her philosophically that the sky is an endless source for unlimited photo opportunities – for this she gave me a look that suggested she already thinks I’m a lunatic.

But the truth is, though I’m fascinated by the sky, I was only trying to connect to the Man Above to find a way to pay off my huge credit card bill which the camera brought along – this is something I cannot tell her because, like most DSLR owning husbands, I have told my wife a big lie about the cost. May God help me.

If there’s any hapless husband out there who would like to buy a DSLR, but don’t know how to cook up a cost which would meet the approval of your wife, remember Joshi Mukard is ready to help you get out of any situation and realize your dream – heck, I should run this ad in T.V.  But wait – Joshi Mukard will not pay your bill because he himself is in dire need for Divine Intervention to pay off his bill, but  can help you with a plan that works!

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The author is a wandering soul with no place to call 'home-town'. He was born in Kerala, brought up in several parts of Tamil Nadu, and currently living in Bangalore, shifting his base across the city on a yearly basis with fellow (unfortunate) wanderers, his wife (Libena) and little daughter (Tanaya). Despite all these, the author is a happy soul with no complaints on anything. He wakes up in the morning and sleeps at night and in-between he ducks, stumbles and dances through this world.

37 Comments on Have I gone mad lately?

  1. Sky gazing has kept you away from the tomato blog! I was wondering about your absence from this space the other day! Anyways, the photos look good. I seriously hope the guy above would intervene divinely on the credit card bill. 😉

    Meanwhile, (belated) congratulations on getting the approval from your wife.

  2. Be honest, Joshi, how many hours do you spend with your DSLR?? There must be a good reason why your wife calls you a lunatic, okay? Ahahahaha!!

    Nice pic! Why lah my dear cousin not able to get the effects you got?? Hers also DSLR what?! Haizz… just gotta be contented with what she snaps if not gotta DIY! That mean the end of my blog! Ahahaha!!

    Continue your sky gazing, dear friend! It’s doing you good! Cheers!

    • I know why your cousin is not able to get the same effect I have got with the DSLR. Remember this, like a MasterCard ad, I would say ‘Your camera can capture priceless angles, for everything else there’s PhotoShop’!!

    • I do spend a good amount of time with my camera, not daily though. I hope it will come down in the coming months.

  3. Melbin Mathew // October 18, 2011 at 10:53 am // Reply

    i think little bit you have gone….:-)

  4. I was expecting a Tomato pic.
    Anyways good shots 🙂

    And joshi bhai your wife looks like a villain or is that the case with all you happily married husbands?

  5. Don’t worry,you are not mad.Just that you made it a point to appreciate the beauty of a blue sky.The sky fascinates many people.Let me not get into the details as what the sky makes me feel,you will be convinced I’m mad too.

    And the photograph is beautiful too.The car and the guitar photo has vintage feel to it.Loved it.

    P:S: Can you teach me how to get that vintage look in photos?
    P:P:S :All wives think only their husbands are eccentric.Period

    • Thanks Blue Lotus.

      “All wives think only their husbands are eccentric” – absolutely. I think even you realized this today, haha.

      Vintage look…I will teach you – I will post a tutorial comment directly in your blog

  6. Madly funny and devoted to his wife. And we love it!

  7. this is lovely!!

  8. Just looked through your Flickr galleries. Great pictures! 🙂 Which Nikon model do you have?

  9. You don’t have to tell all lies to your wife when you acquire those obscenely priced things. My experience is, just dropping 1 digit from the cost does the trick: as in(2)2,500/-. God help you if you’re into buying into 6 digit things though. You may want to have a look at following posts on my blog though:

    (1) Fra Lippo Lippi
    (2) Followers of the Heart

    ps: I’m not embedding the link lest you think I’m spamming you.

  10. I love your photography. Looking forward to following the new blog.

  11. hey u have to be mad to be a true artist…

  12. Nice photograph Joshi….waiting for a few more to come…:-)

  13. I love sky gazing too but usually the night sky – I like looking at the stars. I love looking at the setting sun – somehow the dusk attracts me more than dawn ( I dont know if psychologists would have something to say about that) . Enjoy yourself with your new camera. I envy people who can communicate through pictures – I can only use words!!!

  14. Aha… such a rich blue! Sky-watching pays rich dividends. It has so many eternal subjects… a true photographer’s dream. So don’t worry, I am sure this isn’t madness. 🙂

  15. Joshi I thought was a kannada name. Anyway we kannadigas always welcome others. And photography, I can not afford DSLR cameras (what are they), but my samsung mobile photos are really not bad either for catching the glimpse of those wonderful clouds

    • Yes, I agree with you. To take wonderful photos we don’t need a DSLR. I have seen many award winning photos taken using a mobile camera. It’s the man behind the camera that’s more important than the camera.Thanks for commenting.

  16. The photo s nice…am in the process of looking at the photoblog…the home page pic of u with the camera is a killer!!

  17. aishwarya taneja // September 13, 2012 at 11:10 am // Reply

    im with you on this one:) in our case.. its the wife, that is me, who wants to spend some money on a good DSLR:) i checked out your photo blog.. good work there!:) btw what are you upto these days.. the last time i talked to you.. you were wokring in that one man company:D still there?

    • How happy to chat with you here!! Hope you are doing good. Get a good DSLR – it’s worth it. Now im working as a Technical Writer in a company by name AON. Here there are about 300 employees, hahaha.

  18. I guess my husband would want to talk to you if I tell him this story. He has been asking me for some time to upgrade his camera.
    Oh wait , you cannot fool me now .. I already know this 🙂

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