Why IT firms should give guitars to employees visiting U.S

Gone are the days when IT professionals used to jump at any given opportunity to visit U.S. After the 2008 recession cost-cutting has become number one agenda in all major IT firms. Like I shared in one of my previous posts, corporate companies have already done their fair deal of cutting – from employee head to toilet paper. Now the new season of recession soon arriving, companies are bracing themselves for a second round of extreme cost-cutting measures.

This time they have their eyes on trimming down the daily wages paid to employees posted on off-shore duties abroad – especially for employees visiting U.S.  Companies who used to pay 50$ a day (excluding accommodation) are cutting it down to 35$ and less.

Just imagine, in a country like U.S an average Indian meal would cost around 8 – 10 $. How can our people manage four meals a day at just 35 $? And also, people visiting U.S do not just want to go there, work, and come back. They do want to visit tourist attractions, play in a casino, dance in a pub and perhaps get cozy with a babe?! Well, but where’s the money?

My advice to all IT firms who are hell-bend on saving a few dough; please give your employees a guitar when they are visiting U.S – at least your employees can raise some money on their own by singing in street corners after their work and make some extra cash to realize their dreams. I know you would not want to increase the daily wages, but you can do this.

My advice to employees; hey, please get yourself a towel or a hat (c’mon you can’t expect your company to provide everything), and learn the song ‘What a wonderful world’- I heard Americans really like positive attitude!!

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20 Comments on Why IT firms should give guitars to employees visiting U.S

  1. Joshi, small doubt 😉 Will Americans have enough money to offer to lends with the bad economic meltdown just around the corner ?

  2. 🙂 So, we better practice strumming the guitar?

  3. Hee hee! 😀 The guitar sounds like a nice idea and would sound lively when strummed to the song you suggest. I should forward this to some people up there.

  4. LOL!!
    I should check with my HR 😛

  5. Why waste money on a guitar…you should sing and dance Bollywood style. All you need is a towel to take off *seeti seeti*

  6. Another way would be to start learning to make samosas. I’ve heard they sell for as much as $5 :O

    • LOL!! I have already told friends who are leaving to U.S to learn to make samosas. Perhaps it’s a better idea than strumming a guitar. Thanks Vijay – I would like to add this point in the post.

  7. I guess the company ought to give them guitar lessons also before they leav..infact they should ask for a cut 😉

  8. I know the most visited street corners in all major major cities that will produce the highest returns, I’ll send you a list of intersections for a percentage of your tips.

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