Gmail Debacle

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Hot on the heels of my twitter debacle, here’s another one. This time it came in the form of a spam mail which sold Viagra. Over the past weekend my Gmail was hacked and mails promoting Viagra were send to all the recipients registered in my mailing list including the managing director of my current company and also to the HR manager.

I was completely unaware of these developments until my reporting manager received a copy of the Viagra. He merrily laughed it off when I told him that it could be a spam mail. But when I received a message from a ‘once-upon-a-time’ colleague of mine asking, “Have you gone to that level?”, it became apparent that Viagra had reached the mail box of all the people I have ever send or received mails from/in my Gmail account.

Soon I received a mail from a HR asking, “What?” with a couple of exclamation marks. Having only joined the company a fortnight away, I wanted to set the reputation right. I fired off an apology mail to all the probable list of people who I figured might have received it.

I didn’t send the apology mail to my friends because I thought they might not have taken it seriously. Just before I went to bed that night, my mobile made its usual wailing noise it makes whenever it receives a message. A friend of mine had messaged, “don’t forget to check your mail box before you go to bed”. Curious, I opened my mail with its new password.

“Hey Joshi…” it said, “I read your mail. The product which you were talking about is not good. I tried it once, but it comes with some side effects. You don’t feel sleepy for a very long time after gulping it. I have shared a link below. Use that one. It is a much better product, I swear. So, long buddy, have a wonderful night”.

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23 Comments on Gmail Debacle

  1. Hmmm..Would reserve my comments for this experience there 😉 Although i realy empathize with you for the mails sent to ur Company top ppl, i hope they dont take you for a Viagra middleman 😉

  2. I really dont know what they think. I can only hope, like you said, they dont take me for a viagra middleman.

  3. Ha….interesting experience. I have a somewhat same problem in a way that I get many Spam mails daily trying to sell me either viagra or some size and performance enhancement wonder drug/mechanism.exercise routine. I shudder to think what will happen if my mail catches a virus and these are forwarded in my name to everyone I know.

  4. Hey!

    The same things happened to me too. It was embarassing, and I had to send apology mail to ppl.


    • Yes, this could happen to anybody. Just make sure you dont use the same user id and password you use for your social networking sites like orkut, facebook and even blog accounts for your gmail. For mails you keep a seperate user id and password. I have just learned a lesson.

  5. Joshi,

    You actually caused a sexual privacy intrusion.

    If someone reads and ignores the email, it could mean that

    1. He is not interested in sex (in which case you would feel that he had some bad childhood or teenagehood)
    2. His sex life is alright and he needs no augmented structural support (which explains his libido in a sort of measurable manner)

    If he responds to your email with a “Duh?” message, after realizing that the link took him nowhere near a viagra shopping cart, it means that, he is indeed in need but you have provided him much to munch.

    In either cases, by just ‘shooting off’ such a mail, you tend to hypothesis about the recipient that compromises their sexual privacy, based on their reaction or non-reaction.

    Think about it. The debacle seems to be more about mail. Do you have unemployment insurance?

  6. If this thing happens on official email, it is scary!

  7. ROFL @ This ‘brother’ ran away from the seminary with a ‘sister’ (nun), and they are now father and mother to a lovely son according to the latest report)

    • Hey Purba thanks for your comments. Apparently some readers thought this particular part (brother ans sister) is out of the main stream context, and some others thought it is not at all funny, contradicting with what you and me think. So I’m removing this portion from this post.

      I’m happy to know you really liked this part. I will definetely be using this in some other post where it is more apt.

  8. What a story!…safe this time…some companies insist on change of password every Monday…you should try that.

  9. 😮 My! That was a shocker! Err no, I should say, “stumper” because it stumped me no doubts. Spamming is at such organized levels now? As for your reputation, I wonder how your friends haven’t blocked you yet! 😛

  10. I also keep receiving such spam mails but I never open them and send it to spam.

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    Carry on the superb work!

  12. Hoo hooo hahhahaa hehhehehehe!

    (Sorry I’m laughing at your expense!)

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