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    Free Desktop Wallpapers

    I have got some desktop wallpapers for you. If you care to use any of these, click on the image and when the image opens in full screen mode, right-click and choose [...]
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    A Married Man’s Valentine’s Day

    Yesterday a colleague at the workplace was making a monumental effort to impress his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. He wrote a song packed with century-old cliche [...]
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    A Heaven in My Backyard!

    My New Year’s resolution is to explore at least one location in and around the place I call hometown – Kanyakumari district in Tamil Nadu, whenever I visit. Since I [...]

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Kulikadavil Shibu – an Inspirational Video

by Joshi Mukard in Crazy Stories

I assume that two of the most important daily activities of a corporate leader would be to read Quote book (everyday morning 7 am to 8 am) and watch inspirational videos (8am [...]


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